Deh Cho First Nations Political Customs and Traditions
Principal Investigator: Irlbacher-Fox, Stephanie (7)
Licence Number: 13263
Organization: University of Cambridge
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001
Issued: Oct 10, 2001
Project Team: Jonas Antoine

Objective(s): The research team will work with Deh Cho Elders, advisors and people to gather information about political and governance customs and traditions, and how these can be used in Deh Cho governance authority being negotiated in the Deh Cho Process. This research on the political customs and traditions will provide Deh Cho negotiators with specific and well documented information that can be used in negotiations. It will involve Elders in a significant way in determining what principles and practices will be the foundation for self-government. The proposed research, which will include discussions and information gathering in workshop contexts, will be a way to educate youth on traditional Deh Cho ways and culture, and to give them specific examples of how knowing culture, traditions and language are essential for ensuring strong communities and a strong Deh Cho identity in facing future challenges.

Project Description: The research will be conducted by the principal investigator and a researcher/translator. Research will take place between 1 August and 31 December, 2001, and will be conducted in Ft. Simpson and other Deh Cho communities, as decided by Deh Cho advisors and the research team. Information will be collected by interviewing Elders and others, individually or in groups, and through the use of workshops. People will be told about the research project, and how the information will be used, and will decide if they wish to participate. Depending on peoples preferences, interviews will recorded in writing, on audiotape, or on videotape. The information gathered will be provided to the participants, communities and negotiators in a report format. Participants will have the opportunity to verify what they have said when reports are still in a draft format. The information will remain the property of the people who gave it; the Deh Cho First Nations will own, and have copyright over any reports produced.