Development of a monitoring program for the Whooping Crane breeding environment
Principal Investigator: Tonn, William (7)
Licence Number: 13709
Organization: University of Alberta
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Issued: Aug 06, 2004
Project Team: Claire Cla

Objective(s): The whooping crane recovery strategy has identified the need to monitor the food resources available to whooping cranes during the breeding season and its relationship to crane productivity. The strategy requires that the Wood Buffalo population grow to a secure level prior to downlisting and the availability of adequate food resources is essential for the successful recruitment of young into the population in order to lead to this growth. This project will develop a long term monitoring strategy to access the seasonal productivity of wetlands in the breeding area. Various prey sampling protocols will be evaluated to determine the feasibility of monitoring whooping crane prey populations and relating prey abundances to hydrological and weather data. The guidelines and sampling protocol developed will be used by Parks Canada to monitor the productivity of critical habitat.