Human Contaminants Trends in Arctic Canada: Maternal/Cord Blood Monitoring for Environmental Contaminants.

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: contaminants, health, childbirth, blood testing

Principal Investigator: Seddon, Laura (3)
Licence Number: 12775
Organization: Mackenzie Regional Health Services; Kitikmeot Health Board
Licensed Year(s): 1995 1994
Issued: Jan 01, 1995
Project Team: J. Walker, A. Corriveau, members of the Mackenzie Consultation Working Group.

Objective(s): To establish the types and levels of specific heavy metal and organochlorine contaminants in women ( maternal blood) and newborns (umbilical cord blood); to compare these contaminant levels to date from other regions, to lifestyle choices (occupation, use of tobacco tobacco products, traditional food use) and assess the need for and feasibility of additional monitoring initiatives examining environmental contaminants in people. This data will contribute to territorial, national and international databases on levels of environmental contaminants in people.

Project Description: Women are introduced to the program at community Health Centres. Those women who give voluntary consent are first given a short survey to complete. Once at Stanton Yellowknife Hospital to deliver their babies, as part of routine hospital procedure, blood samples samples are taken during delivery.